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NFC: keeping game fish in Indiana

As I understand Indiana law, you may keep game fish that are legally caught 
with hook and line and, are of legal size, in an aquarium.  Of course, you 
must have a proper fishing license.  Game fish caught by traps or nets must 
be released.   

I still question which are game fish and which are not.  A year ago, I 
cornered a DNR Enforcement Officer and he looked up data in a reference book. 
 According to him, Grass Pickerel are not considered to be a game fish, but 
another type of Pickerel is.  Eel are not considered to be game fish.  

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Fish Conservancy Links</A>   click here to get to links for your state's 
laws.  Right at the NFC web page.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA