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NFC: updates from Casa Hedemark

OK here's what's going on in my neck of the woods.

I will be out of town this weekend (adopting a dog from Pennsylvania...
add one big bulldog to my critter count)

Tony G. has sent me a great line art drawing of Enneacanthus chaetodon
to use as the basis for the NFC Logo.  I've just got to get it to a
scanner and can begin the digital additions to it.

Ray K. has sent me some fish boxes.  Once the hot weather breaks I will
be sending some fish out.  Mostly dollar sunnies.  If I promised you out
some dollar sunnies please email me privately with a confirmation that
you still want them and how many you are hoping for.

The mountain redbelly dace are still showing a little bit of
anchorworms.  I won't be shipping them out until they are absolutely
clean.  Unfortunately the anchorworms seem to have caused some scarring
so these won't be the prettiest community fish.  They are already
promised out to Luke M. under Breeders Program conditions and the
anchorworms haven't hurt their genes any so hopefully we'll have some
pretty ones available shortly after Luke can get them feeling romantic.

The new chat room was a big success.  The one problem we noticed was
with someone trying to come in with Internet Explorer 2.0 which is
ancient, and comes with older versions of Windows 95 and Web TV.  If you
are running a 4 year old web browser, please update it.  Internet
Explorer 2.0 will NOT work with the chat room because it does NOT
properly support HTML frames or auto refresh (which are both used by the
chat room).

Dakota & I will be working on the finishing touches for the new auction
system next week.  It should look familiar because it is based on the
same software as the old auction, except we'll have total ownership of


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I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
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