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NFC: RE: DP drought uncovers ancient native american fish trap in northeast

Hey Chuck,

 I grew up where the Rock and Crawfish River's meet  in Wisconsin. About a
mile up river from my parents house on the Crawfish River, huge rocks
arranged in a V can be seen sticking out  of the water every summer about
this time. The rocks are on the down stream side of a major left hand bend
in the river.  The river is at it's narrowest, and it's current is at it's
quickest at this point in the river. As kids we used to walk out on the
rocks to the middle of the river, and fish all day long! I believe the
Aztalan Indian's constructed this weir since their burial mounds are about
five to ten miles away from this portion of the river. As a kid I used to
know more about this people but I am at a loss to remember any of it right

I was going to take my vacation and paddle the Crawfish River, the Waupaca
River (farther North), and the Pine River (also farther North)  these past
two weeks however, work called, so I am only able to take three days off
this week.

PS:  Ray, I am still going to make it up there to go collecting this year!

Bill Pennewell
McKinney, TX

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 <A HREF="http://www.bergen.com/news/fishrc199908136.htm">Ancient Indian
trap becomes visible</A>

Anyone ever run in to one of these?  About 12 years ago, Indianapolis
suffered a drought and they also discovered ancient fish traps in White

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA