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Re: NFC: Dragonfly Larvae

In a message dated 8/15/99 4:05:06 PM US Central Standard Time, 
joshuaw at PAUL_paulsmiths.edu writes:

<<   Any ideas on how to safely kill it in the tank, or force it out?  >>

You might try a miniature homemade minnow trap and see if he gets trapped.  
I've seen both Augie Eppler and Wright Huntley post basic instructions.  
Basically take a small plastic pop bottle, cut the top off right where it 
narrows and then invert the top back inside.  (Take top off, of course.)  A 
little gravel or sand for weight might be appropriate.  I would think a 
friction mount is sufficient for aquarium use.  You could also use toothpicks 
or maybe some filter floss to shim it in place if it seems loose.  

I think Augie suggested toothpicks piercing the two.  You could use a heated 
thin wire (straightened paper clip?) to have starter holes.  Hold by a pair 
of pliers into a candle flame and then burn starter hole. 

Good luck!  Let us know how it works.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA