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Re: NFC: Mexico & North American natives

"J.F. Laurent" wrote:
> There is no reason not to consider the fish of Mexico as fish of North
> America.  If we include Canada,
> why not Mexico.


One interesting point to consider is the difficulty of keeping fish from
different places. With aquarium lighting and insulated home comfort where we
often like it, the best fish to keep indoors often tend to come from
somewhat *more* tropical regions than where we actually live.

In chilly Victorian homes of the 19th century, Goldfish and Paradise Fish
were ideal. By the mid 20th, with cheap heaters and lighting, the best
aquaria often included fish from the warmest tropics, like Discus and

For those of us in warm, mild climates, we can often do better with fish
from farther south (Northern Hemisphere only). For me, that is desert warm
springs and Mexico or Florida natives.

I'm not air-conditioned, so even some equatorial fish like Diapterons and
*A. joergenscheeli* don't breed really well for me. They come from cooler
highlands and I can't keep the water cool enough for them to breed, readily,
even in unlighted containers. Likewise, *Lucania parva* haven't been easy,
even if I *can* catch them 4 blocks from here.

I'd really like to breed some darters or Madtoms, but the nuisance of
building a chiller stops me cold (sic). :-)

Therefore, I suggest we eagerly embrace the fish to our south as part of the
"mission." They are apt to be easier and more satisfactory in the long haul.
That is to the overall benefit of the native-fish hobby, IMHO.


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