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Re: NFC: Mexico & North American natives

            I believe the thrust of Chris's question was whether or not 
Mexico "fits into the interests" of the NFC.  We are the " NATIVE Fish 
Conservancy " and I for one invision an evolution of our organization 
internationaly.  Although our efforts currently revolve around the 
continental US, in my view, the thrust of our effort is to preserve and 
maintain species and thier "habitats" native-centric to thier region and 
definable, as best we can, as that which occured naturally prior to human 
intervention.  The in-field activities of the NFC are in effect, 
"management".  The ERP does not condone the release of any species not 
native-centric to it's region, worldwide.   And my view is not human-centic 
in the long term, as I work to preserve these species and thier habitats from 
the proccesses we've set in motion which threaten them with exterpation or 
extinction simply for thier own sake and not nescessarilly for the 
edification of future human generations.  Conservation is about the species 
we endeavor to preserve, it is not ALL about us.  : )  Eccept for the "no 
release mandate"  this is not meant to express official NFC policy, but 
simply my opinions offered, outside my role in the ERP, as an NFC member and 
carrying no more weight than any other members opinions expressed here.   
Just a broader personal view.
            With that said, and having nothing to do with it  : ), the ERP is 
on a months hiatus as I have some matters which require my undivided 
attention, but will be back on it, ready to rock and roll at month's end 
...or middle.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will be 
picking up e-mail along the way.