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Re: NFC: Mexico & North American natives

Yes, We must look at each place as a painted picture, each one is
beutifull and unique. To add a beard to the Mona Lisa for example would
be a sin. To randomly add fish to a ecosystem because we have some need
to change things is an equall sin. Political boundries are meaningless.
Watershed boundries and the unique species they contain matter !!

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999 20:32:26 -0500 "D. Martin Moore"
<archimedes at master_localink4.com> writes:
>If texas cichlids and the like are collected in Florida where they 
>don't belong, then they are exotic.
>Greater American Freshwater Fishes Resource Site (GAFFeRs):  
>"Fie on thee, fellow!  Whence come these fishes?" - Scheherazade
>"Any fish with good teeth is liable to use them." - Wm. T. Innes

Robert Rice
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