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Re: NFC: Anchor worms

I am not against hunting, fishing or paying the associated fees, I do fish
(catch & release; unless its exotic or for my aquarium and not endangered)
although I gave up hunting after the military (not much sport if it doesn't
shoot back). What really bothers me are these wannabe's macho morons that
hunt exotic big game two feet from its cage!!! And it seem ironic to me that
nature managed itself just fine all by itself and now in our arrogance
HUMANS have to manage it! Why don't we manage ourselves and let nature take
its course?! Just my two cents worth.


William Zuck wrote:

> Finally to Dennis C Phillips Wildlife managers have done more with
> fishing and hunting fees for wildlife than could have ever been hoped
> for if this money was to come from private donations.  It is basic logic
> that we work with what we got for wildlife and control there numbers
> with the people who are willing to pay for the privilege.  By the way I
> know of several lakes in my area of Nebraska that need lots of 3 inch
> bullheads and 2 inch blue gills removed.  I agree with you against the
> private big game ranches, but we live in america where the big bucks
> talk and the rich don't want to get inconvenienced or hurt.

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