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NFC: Anchor worms

Copper is a good all around treatment for parasites give it a try on the
blue gill.

and to Chris Hedemark I get the digest and must have missed your message
I only scan the digest each night.  Sorry about the following, but this
topic is dear to my heart and he don't see the light

Finally to Dennis C Phillips Wildlife managers have done more with
fishing and hunting fees for wildlife than could have ever been hoped
for if this money was to come from private donations.  It is basic logic
that we work with what we got for wildlife and control there numbers
with the people who are willing to pay for the privilege.  By the way I
know of several lakes in my area of Nebraska that need lots of 3 inch
bullheads and 2 inch blue gills removed.  I agree with you against the
private big game ranches, but we live in america where the big bucks
talk and the rich don't want to get inconvenienced or hurt.