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Re: NFC: anhor worms

Anthony Andrew wrote:

> Thanks for the info guys. Clout and tweezers seems to be the way to go.
> What's the best way to handle the fish when "tweezing" the parasites off?

I don't know what the "best" way is, but I'll post what I've been doing
to see if someone has a better idea.

I never remove the fish from the net.  I don't totally remove the net
from the water.  I gently hold the fish just enough to keep it still,
with the body (AND GILLS) still underwater.  When I pull off the
external parts of the anchorworm, that goes on a napkin until I am done
with all the fish and then I throw out the napkin.  My hands never touch
the fish directly, and the fish doesn't leave the water.  Once I turn
them loose they usually go right back to business as usual.


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