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Re: NFC: anhor worms

Anthony Andrew wrote:
> I know this subject was covered not too long ago, but I forgot what was said
> in the responses. My bluegill has what appears to be anchor worms on one of
> his fins. What should I use to get rid of them?


The concensus seemed to be to use Clout for medicating them.  I have now
taken to pulling the fish out of the tank and removing the external bits
of the anchorworm with tweezers (the external part you see carries the
eggs I hear) so at least if it doesn't kill them, it puts a big damper
on their reproductive cycle.  The clout didn't seem to do much but
removing the external bits seems to be giving the fish a chance to
bounce back.  Some of the MRBD that got hit HARD by anchorworms are
starting to look good again.  I've also moved them to a much smaller
tank so hopefully the clout will be easier to keep up on them (I hate
medicating a 135 gallon tank).


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