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Re: NFC: Question

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> I plan on putting my minnow trap out tommorrow and leave it there while I
> fish. I was wondering when ppl found catfish in there traps were the traps
> weighted for they would be on the bottom and should I leave it out all night
> or get it when I leave from fishing?

I usually leave my traps out arout 7:00PM and pick them up around the
same time next day.  I've found I usually catch different fish at night
than during the day, so a 24 hour period allows me to catch both.  On
weekends if I leave a trap at 7:00PM I'll come check it at midnight,
take with me any fish I want, release MOST of the rest (I leave a couple
in there but I don't know if that helps to lure other fish in), and
possibly refresh the bait if necessary.


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