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Re: NFC: Fishing is immoral ?

If you want to go with the christian thing, didn't Jesus eat fish?

Christian Hedemark wrote:

> robert a rice wrote:
> > However your point is that to fish for something
> > means you do not respect it or care about it am I correct ? I think thats
> > a reasonable topic
> It also assumes attribution of animals with a sentient spirit and the
> inalienable rights that sentient creatures should provide one another.
> For example, porpoise meat must be pretty tasty because it was included
> in canned tuna for years before anyone noticed.  But the general public
> became upset.  Why?  The fish was not spared but the cetation was.  It
> is because there is a strong belief that many marine cetations are not
> only sentient but possessing a scale of intelligence and range of
> emotions comparable to our own in many ways.  Thus most people find it
> offensive to speak of causing harm to the more advanced cetations.
> I don't know how many of y'all are Christians (I know I am) or Jews, but
> in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible (which also means it is in
> the holy books of the Jews), God gives man dominion over the animals of
> the earth.  Now I think that dominion in this context probably means
> "responsible stewardship" and while historically we've done a lousy job
> of this, in the latter half of this century I think we've made great
> strides in improving this.
> > In my own opinion following your logic those of us who respect a
> > beutifull oak tree would never use wood or wood products.
> Or leave it alive, and turn a big old screw into its trunk to hang a
> hammock!  (I love my hammock don't you dare go near that screw)
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> "I would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; and
> I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
> virtue." - Barry Goldwater

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