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I have a lot of respect for the people that champion animal rights, but until 
I can sit in the sun and soak up enough energy to live it will be necessary 
for me to kill other life forms to survive. Animal or plant, other organisms 
have to die for me to live. I am willing to give animals as much respect as 
they give me and the animals around them. Being an animal myself I think this 
is reasonable. If anyone thinks that an animals would not eat a human (if 
equipped to do so) should be very careful as many areas of our planet are the 
home of carnivores that will eat you as quickly as I will a boiled shrimp. I 
do not kill indiscriminately without reason, as many of the animals that PETA 
tries to protect will do. Maybe humans should have higher level of empathy 
for other beings but as I say for me to live others must die, it's just the 
way it is. I don't think herbivores are any better than carnivores 
spiritually or any other way.