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NFC: Fishing in the Southeast

    On thursday the 12th, i'm heading out on a camping trip...thinking about 
going to Dale Hollow Reservoir (in middle tennessee), but i'm looking for 
better places as far as fishing goes. Does anybody know any good fishing 
spots in the area of middle/east tennessee, western/middle virginia, western 
part of the carolinas...or in that general region of the 
southeast...basically i'd like to keep it less than a 6 hour drive from east 
    I'm trying to find good spots for either smallmouth bass, largemouth, 
trout, muskey, walleye, or pretty much any gamefish... places that can either 
be waded or floated in a canoe (with minimal or no power boat traffic), with 
unpolluted water...preferably with camp grounds on the water.
    If anybody has suggestions please let me know. I appreciate it.