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Re: NFC: cheap tanks

Anthony Andrew wrote:
> For those of you in the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin area:
> There's a fish store here in DeKalb, IL that will be closing down in 2-3
> weeks. The store was mostly cichlids so there a lot of used tanks and stands
> going up for sale. There are tanks of all sizes, and though they could use a
> little cleaning up, a lot of 'em look like excellent deals.
> If anybody's interested in going there, let me know and I'll send
> directions.

Good lead, Tony, but a word of caution: 

Used store tanks can be nearly impossible to clean properly. A friend and I
made a "wonderful" deal on a closing store's 20G tanks a while back. The
hard-water scale proved impossible to completely remove, and they will never
be useful for any in-the-house display.

The glass is often etched on the inside on tanks used for Rift-Lake Cichlids
or salt water, too. [Soda-lime glass slowly dissolves in strongly alkaline
solutions. Not obvious when full, but wonderful rough anchor for ugly

If all you want is growout tanks for the fishroom, they can be great. This
is particularly true if they bought 1st-class tanks to start with, with
thick glass. The demise of local fish stores accelerates, and we should take
advantage of such deals. Post them here when they turn up.


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