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Re: NFC: Minnow Trap

Wright Huntley wrote:

> We are usually working with Rangers in very open desert country, where
> that's not much of a problem. Our motive is total eradication, so everything
> that catches the more elusive fish needs to be used. Traps help. Nothing
> *really* works once the damnbusia have been introduced. Prevention is the
> best medicine. Never introduce new fish species to native waters, period!

I was reading the other day about how university researchers were able
to construct the influenza virus using raw DNA.  WOW.  Think about the
ramifications of that.  Ethical issues aside, we are so close to being
able to construct a virus that, say, totally disrupts the reproductive
system of a narrow scope of fish species.

Imagine being able to tailor such a virus against cichlids and releasing
it in south Florida waters.

Of course there are many "what ifs" to be wrestled with.  Like "what if
this gets out of the target area" or "what if the virus mutates and
starts attacking native species".  Without using something like this
that will target every individual in a population, I have to wonder how
we can ever hope to erradicate an invasive species.


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