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Re: NFC: Minnow Trap

Chris Hedemark wrote:
> Wright Huntley wrote:

> > In that situation, a few blocks of styro can be kept as storage
> > spacers, and then left in to keep the traps floating near the surface.
> Sure I guess it could.  But have you tried this?  Wondering how
> effective it would be.

Desert springs often have no true "shallows." The damnbusia hug the shores
and we often supplement our dip-netting with floating traps. It works quite
well, particularly in heavily overgrown holes where nets are useless. I
would think that many fundulus could be caught with floating traps.

> Still, for fish that huge the grass and weeds in
> the shallows, nothing beats a dipnet.  Instant gratification without the
> worries of a thief or vandal ruining your efforts.

We are usually working with Rangers in very open desert country, where
that's not much of a problem. Our motive is total eradication, so everything
that catches the more elusive fish needs to be used. Traps help. Nothing
*really* works once the damnbusia have been introduced. Prevention is the
best medicine. Never introduce new fish species to native waters, period!

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