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Re: NFC: Minnow Trap

Wright Huntley wrote:

> Unless you are trying to get surface-feeding fish, like damnbusia and even
> mollies. 

Damnbusia hug the shallows, though, so there is no need to float a
minnow trap there, either.  The kind of water I usually see damnbusia in
is SO shallow, in fact, that I doubt a minnow trap would be highly
effective (though I've been able to seine and dipnet them like crazy).

> In that situation, a few blocks of styro can be kept as storage
> spacers, and then left in to keep the traps floating near the surface.

Sure I guess it could.  But have you tried this?  Wondering how
effective it would be.  Still, for fish that huge the grass and weeds in
the shallows, nothing beats a dipnet.  Instant gratification without the
worries of a thief or vandal ruining your efforts.


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