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Re: NFC: Minnow Trap

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> I was wondering..My minnow trap when i bought it had some styofoam squares
> in it. Are these needed. They were loose and fell right out. I though maybe
> these were for it wouldnt collapse during shipping. Also are the minnow
> traps suppose to float?

They sometimes have spacers like this in the store which you just pop
out before use.

The minnow traps sink like a brick.  I've had best success in water that
is no more than one foot deeper than the top of the trap, preferably a
little less.  There is a great article on how to use these things on the
NFC web site, with some good hard numbers on the success of various
baits.  My own bait of choice is fresh shrimp (usually gulf coast


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