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"I would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; and
I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
virtue." - Barry Goldwater

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   Responding to Wright Huntley's comment that things have been pretty
quiet of late - yeah, they have. 
   So here are a couple of new topics.
   1.  Recently aquired a couple of pair of Leptolucania ommata 
(American native). Lovely little fish, and they seem to be initiating
spawning behavior. However, I've been able to find very little
information about them. Any of you out there willing to share
maintenance and breeding tips?
   2. Also recently acquired a couple pair of Jordanella floridae.
Having no really good place to put them, I dropped them into my outside
"half barrel" pond on the patio, along with a pair of swordtails. I was
doing a water change a couple of weeks ago, and although I never found
the adults, I did find a few fry (along with some swordtail fry as well)
. A week or so later I found a batch more - in the container where I'd
put some of the "overabundance" of water plants from the pond. No
telling if I'll ever find the adults again, but the fry are doing fine.
They like to hide (and feed) in the bottom litter, which makes them very
difficult to see, and to find! but they're growing well.
   Just my two bits to make this list a bit more lively - donna

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