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Re: NFC: Minnow Trap

In a message dated 8/5/99 1:08:32 PM US Central Standard Time, 
GHemsath at alascom_att.com writes:

<<  I would like a description of the minnow trap sold by Wal-Mart >>
 Length                                        16.5 inches +/-
 If round -                                      Dia  7 3/8 inches +/-
 If Square - Height and Width
 Size of Fish Entry opening            1"  (irregular due to material)  
Indiana law is 1" or    
                                                    less.  Be careful of your 
state's laws.
 Size of Mesh covering of trap         1/8" +/-
 Smallest size of fish it will trap and hold  -  unknown; depends on fish and 
if it figures escape route before you empty trap.
Approximate price  about $10 + tax around here
 <<  The reasons for these questions is I live in Alaska
 And the Local Wal-Mart stores do not carry them >>

So far, these are best traps I've found.  I have some others I've had since 
the 70's and these are superior.  They stack and have a great hinge and 
locking system.  I can carry six of them stacked in my large plastic pail.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA