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Re: NFC: New member

Hi Steve.

First of all let me get the moderator stuff out of the way.  Please turn
off HTML coding in your mail client.  Your messages are going out
HTML-enriched which is taboo on mailing lists.  Plain text is the norm. 
Thanks.  Now that this part is out of the way....

> Any suggestions or ideas for such a set up?

I envision such a tank as well, only smaller.  Possibly several smaller
tanks all lined up next to one another.  The slice would be of the Eno
River which is in the Neuse River drainage in North Carolina.  With a
very large tank like the one you envision you may be able to cover
several key river habitats in one tank.

There are some great articles on the NFC web site
(http://nativefish.org) on how to set up native tanks.  one in
particular talks about how to set up a riffle tank and tells you step by
step how to modify a whisper 4 power filter to facilitate this goal.

Chris Hedemark
NFC Interim Mailing List Administrator
Permanent Fish Nut


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