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Re: NFC: fungus

With regular water changes, is there a chance the fungus will eventually
disappear? Are there any commercial fungicides that can help without posing
a threat to the health of the fish?

I noticed my bluegill's right nostril is swollen and filled with some sort
of white substance (ever here of a fish cocaine addict?). At one point, the
substance oozed from the nostril, and looked sort of "ropey." When it was
long enough, the bluegill promptly ate it. Any ideas what's wrong with the

Also, the corner of my LM bass's mouth (where he was hooked) is developing a
pinkish blotch. Could this be a bacterial infection?

On Tue, 03 Aug 1999 18:36:23 GMT, Segeberger wrote:

>  More than likely the wood you have has not been properly cured.  You
> could take the wood out and try and cure it for the next few months in a
> bleach solution or you could live with it and just keep doing extra
> water changes.   I never put any but well aquarium aged wood into my
> display tanks.  Eventually the wood should stop fungusing.  If it
> continues to fungus or just turn to mush ....I would get rid of the
> wood.

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