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Re: NFC: House Plants

Ray Suydam wrote:
> Sorry folks, I know this is way off topic here, but was not sure what
> list to post this question to.
>    I have just set up a new fishroom, and wanted to add some house
> plants around the room.
>      Can any of the horticulturists out there suggest some plants that
> will do well in high humidity and low light levels?

Ray I don't know species names or anything but I also keep treefrogs as
a hobby, and happen to have a need for live plants with just that

Nothing beats pothos in that department.  Hang it on the wall, train it
to the wall in an interesting pattern, and it'll just keep going.  If
one of the creepers hits a water source like indoor pond or fishtank,
it'll shoot like kudzu across the room.

I basically went to Walmart looking at the dirt cheapest plants they
had, and anything that matched those qualities on the label I grabbed. 
There is one plant in particular, a very thick & leafy ground creeper,
that has taken over my 55 gallon paludarium with extremely poor lighting
conditions and lots of fresh water & humidity.  I would gladly include a
clipping with your fish when it comes time to ship.


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