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Re: NFC: DP air line question

I use 3/4" PVC now, but only as a local manifold to mount the chrome-plated
brass valves (2-3' max).

For distribution, the rules are about like a central vacuum system -- the
larger the better. For a whole 12x24' room, I have purchased (but not
installed) 3" thin-wall pvc pipe, tees and caps. Plan to hang from the
ceiling and use larger (1/2"?) drip tubing for short droppers to the
manifolds at the various shelf locations.

The idea is to avoid pressure drop due to turbulent flow, which really
wastes pump energy. I have several small rotary-vane compressors (like Gast,
but smaller), but actually plan to use one or more of my good old "Supra 4"
vibratory pumps to have livable noise levels. I have 5 laying around, and
they work just about like new when repaired. They can pressurize the system
to about 3/4 atmosphere (10 psi), which drives the deepest airstones.

Blowers are exactly like your vacuum cleaner. Where would you want to have
it turned on all the time? Not in my house! Outside, the neighbors wouldn't
be pleased. In a foam chest, it would burn itself up, even with big input

My system will probably never have to operate more than 200
air-stone/sponge-filter outlets, anyway. If it does, I'll consider moving
and getting a blower. :-)


PS Don't neglect having backup pumps. A *lot* of fish can die waiting for a
replacement to be shipped out. My noisy vane compressors can serve that
function, in an emergency.

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
> For those of you with experience in running a fish room air lines using PVC
> pipe and one or more large blowers or air pumps:  what size PVC pipe and
> accessories do you use ?
> A local hardware store is going out of business and I can pick stuff up for
> 50% off.
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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