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Re: NFC: DP air line question

Dear Chuck;

My fish room uses one inch headers. I tee off and put a shut off valve in and
then bush down to 3/4' for my vertical headers.  The horizontal lines for the
individual tanks are put in with a male and female threaded fitting for the
line across the back of the tank. I take Clippard brand fittings and tap into
the PVC pipe. the Clippard fittings are used in pneumatic control boxes--They
are bronze threaded for 10-24 thread and are the size hose stem needed for air
line tubing. For each line I use a cheap plastic flow control valve  sold in
most fish stores. Anyone want some tees? I've got tons that come packaged with
the valves. Remember to run your main headers above your tanks to avoid back
siphonage if your blower stalls, breaks, or if the circuit breaker drops out.
Buy lots of filters for the intake of your blower - the fine tolerences between
the pump wall housing and the impeller is very  prone to wear and jamming if
the particles are big enough. Fine particles will shorten the life of your
blower. I also included a pressure gauge so I can keep abreast of the pumps
health and the load on the pump created by outlets ( and clogged intakes). Use
white PVC and not the creme colored CPVC. Grey PVC (high pressure) is not
needed because blowers should/do not develop high pressures only high volume.
High pressure is detrimental to the pumps life. Make sure you use the right
glue-CPCV and PVC use different glue, but the cleaner can be bought common to
both types.
Blowers also get very warm and give off a high pitched whine so include that in
your planning around habitated areas. Sound proof materials may be needed-- but
be aware of the temperature of the pump in enclosed areas--it also shortens
pump life. Good luck and e-mail me for more info if needed.

Plumber, Scuba Diver, Fish Head,  Virgo and attorney (remember watergate its
the only connection I could come up with involving water), in muggy hot Ann
Arbor , MI.

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:

> For those of you with experience in running a fish room air lines using PVC
> pipe and one or more large blowers or air pumps:  what size PVC pipe and
> accessories do you use ?
> A local hardware store is going out of business and I can pick stuff up for
> 50% off.
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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