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Re: NFC: native fish library

Christian Hedemark wrote:
> Doing a little project for the web site here, and wanted to get some
> feedback from NFC'ers.  Aside from the fine titles already listed on
> your web site, what are some of your favorite book titles of interest to
> native fish enthusiasts?  You don't have to limit yourself to non-game
> fish.  Stuff about habitat preservation is also cogent.  I really need
> the title and author, but if you can provide the ISBN that would make
> things a lot easier.  Also, if you have any commentary about your
> favorite titles that you'd like to see included on the web site, that
> would add a nice personal touch.
> So, what books on your shelf have the most miles?

#1 is:

_The Natural History of Native Fishes in the Death Valley System_, Stoltz,
D. L. and Naiman, R. J., Natl Hist. Museum of LA County Science Series
30:1-76, 11/10/1978

Best book on these fish (pupfish, dace, suckers and chubs). Good color pics,
dwgs, maps, and graphs. Paperback. [No ISBN AFAIK.] Was out of print, I

#2 is:

_Battle Against Extinction_ Minckley and Deacon, Eds., ISBN 0-8165-1221-3,

Big, thick book with lots more history and detail than the above.
Multi-authoring leads to some slightly turgid prose, in spots. Still a must
have for anyone interested in Southwestern Desert Fish Conservation History.
Hard bound, B&W only. A few pics, maps and charts.

And that's my $0.001 (2 cents, adjusted for inflation), ;-)


PS. The Peterson Field guide looks good for the Mississippi basin east, but
the west is rather poorly covered, IMHO. Schleser's _Native Fishes..._ is
even more confined to the east coast and southeast. Somehow makes everything
from the Rio Grande valley to the left coast look almost like a desert. :-)

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