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Re: NFC: native fish library

Favorite Books:

Fishes of Kansas  --  Joseph T. Collins

Fishes of Missouri --  William Pfleiger

Crayfish of Missouri (or is that "Missouri Crayfishes?) --  William

Missouri Ozark Waterways (shows all the public access points in Missouri)
available from Missouri Dept. of Conservation -- author unknown

Watermark guide to Fishing in Kansas (good access points detailed) -
author forgotten at the moment but I'll get it to you.

Handbook of Darters -- Larry Page


On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Christian Hedemark wrote:

> Doing a little project for the web site here, and wanted to get some
> feedback from NFC'ers.  Aside from the fine titles already listed on
> your web site, what are some of your favorite book titles of interest to
> native fish enthusiasts?  You don't have to limit yourself to non-game
> fish.  Stuff about habitat preservation is also cogent.  I really need
> the title and author, but if you can provide the ISBN that would make
> things a lot easier.  Also, if you have any commentary about your
> favorite titles that you'd like to see included on the web site, that
> would add a nice personal touch.
> So, what books on your shelf have the most miles?
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