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NFC: apologies RE: critique

OK it seems my critique was taken in a more negative term than
intended.  I tend to be pretty thick about how my words are percieved
and it sounds like my intentions were ABC while a lot of people thought
I meant XYZ.

For this I apologize.  I think the amount of work done so far has been
incredible, and the web site is top notch.  The amount of work that gets
done by *volunteers* is nothing short of incredible, and I have nothing
but respect for everything that has been done and is still getting done
every day.

I'm never one to rest on laurels, and I misinterpreted RR's invitation
to check out the web site as an invitation for a critique, and I even
expanded the scope beyond the work he had already done thinking that
this would somehow be valuable feedback.  I never thought this would be
taken in any other way.

So I apologize for the public scrutiny.  Please accept my apologies for
any hurt feelings here.  I hope to get the chance to meet and collect
with some of y'all in the future to put faces with names, and maybe
laugh at some of my bullheaded blunders like this over a hot barbecue


"I would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; and
I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
virtue." - Barry Goldwater