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NFC: youth outreach part deux

Well remember how I told y'all about the trip I had to the Nolichucky
and how some of the kids got really into the whole native fish thing
when we were out there?

I saw some of the kids tonight, and they are asking me when I am going
to take them collecting again, especially somewhere where we KNOW there
will be fish.  Two words came to mind immediately "SEINING PARTNERS"!! 
I talked to them a little about seining, admitting to never having done
it but thinking I got the idea down from descriptions (it sounds like a
no brainer).  They were pretty fired up about it and I've got two of the
more "influential" teens for a hard commitment for saturday morning. 
We'll probably end up with a couple more.

I know exactly where we're going.  A place near where I normally
collect, which I've always said "If I ever get a seining partner I'm
going here".

If I get enough extra hands, I'll make sure one of them gets a camera so
I can submit the photos for the web site or however they might be
useful.  You should hear from me saturday night with the rundown of the
day's events.

Folks, for all of you that gripe in the chat rooms about not having a
seining partner, boy this couldn't be easier.  Get some kids into your
hobby and you will have a partner for any weekend you want to go.


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I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
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