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Re: NFC: Does anyone have email addresses for the following?

Just look up their ICQ number, heh!

> I wanted to send some feedback about "Freshwater Fishes of the Carolina,
> Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware" to the authors.  BTW - EXCELLENT book for
> anyone interested in fishes from this region.  ISBN 0-8078-4579-5 (this
> should be in our online book store BTW).  Anyway their range listed for
> the dollar sunfish looks like it needs correction and I'd like to get
> feedback to any or all of the authors.  Their current range map shows only
> small parts of southern North Carolina, while I've observed them to be the
> predominant sunfish in the stream where I collect in north central NC.
> If any of you have the email addresses for any of the following, please
> let me know: Fred C. Rohde Rudolf G. Arndt David G. Lindquist James F.
> Parnell
> Thanks,
> Chris
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Greater American Freshwater Fishes Resource Site (GAFFeRs):  http://www.localink4.com/~archimedes/

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