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Re: Limnology Was "Re: NFC: Fw: Yes, please help me.

>I thought Crater Lake was the only natural home of the bigmouth crater
>Just kidding, if it does have a natural fish population it speaks volumes
>about natural mechanisms that spread fish from one body of water to another

How bout the feces of other animals? Couldnt fish eggs live if not
completelly digested?
How bout in birds feathers? Couldnt young fish fry swim into the feathers
and get stuck and then washed out when the lets say a duck is swimming
through the water of another lake? Or eggs on leafs that the fished layed
eggs on and the wind blowed the leaf off the surface and into another lake
and the egg stuck to the surface of the leaf. Also what about fish that
escaped from the grasp of a predatious bird.