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NFC: Fw: Wacahota road

Robert Rice
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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:30:57 EDT
Subject: Wacahota road
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Collecting S. of Gainesville:
Today I went south of Gainesville to Wacahota road.  There are a series
culverts that were very productive.  I collected golden top minnows, 
flagfish, bluefin killie, Elasomma sp (2 color morphs) and some I'm not
what sunfish like units.  The Flagfish are particularly colorful. Shallow

water in grass was the most productive, but also some fish in deeper
near culvert. Also went to Styx again, got in up to my neck this time and
right well.  More Elasomma, bluefin killie, pygmy livebearer, and three 
gorgeous golden top minnows and a larger (2") sunfish that I'm not sure
This is my last week in Gainesville.  I leave on Friday.  Taking aquaria
tomorrow and sending home fish other than those I'm saving for carry on 
luggage.  See ya.

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