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Re: NFC: Cldy Wtr/tank cooling

On Wed, 14 Jul 99 12:42:52 PDT, Joshua L. Wiegert wrote:

> Ice cubes.
> Put them in a little baggy or something and drop them in the tank such
that the current runs along them (preventing "cold" spots.)

I'll try that out. I've left the back lid of the eclipse filter open all
weekend. The apartment has remained just as hot if not hotter than before,
but the water temp in the tank has gone down 4-5 degrees.
> Air conditioning.
> Really neat thing.   Keeps the tank AND you cool.

It's even "neater" when you can afford it!
> Refridgerator.
> Put the tank in the fridge.   :)

There's no more room after I squeeze myself in there. ;-)

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