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NFC: Does anyone have email addresses for the following?

I wanted to send some feedback about "Freshwater Fishes of the Carolina,
Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware" to the authors.  BTW - EXCELLENT book
for anyone interested in fishes from this region.  ISBN 0-8078-4579-5
(this should be in our online book store BTW).  Anyway their range
listed for the dollar sunfish looks like it needs correction and I'd
like to get feedback to any or all of the authors.  Their current range
map shows only small parts of southern North Carolina, while I've
observed them to be the predominant sunfish in the stream where I
collect in north central NC.

If any of you have the email addresses for any of the following, please
let me know:
Fred C. Rohde
Rudolf G. Arndt
David G. Lindquist
James F. Parnell


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