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Re: NFC: Cloudy Water

Anthony Andrew wrote:

> Thanks for clearing that up (no pun intended). Now for another question.
> Does anybody have any techniques for cooling their tanks during warm
> weather? Since mine has an ecplise filter, that rules out removing the hood
> and directing a fan across the surface.

If your Eclipse is similar to my Eclipse 1, then it has a small vent on
the door that covers the filter.  This is a good place to withdraw air
using a small ventilator fan, such as the type that can be found at
Radio Shack.  You should first put a ring of foam weatherstripping
around the inlet of the fan in order to make a good seal and reduce
vibration.  After that, the weight of the fan should hold it in place.

In my experience, the Eclipse hoods are less than ideal for native fish
because of the problem of heat buildup.  I use my Eclipse 1 for tropical
fish now, and I still have to keep the filter door open during the
summer to allow heat from the lights (2 tubes) to escape.

Andrew Dalton