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Re: NFC: Cloudy Water

Always a popular topic on the weekly chat.  BTW, if I do this ICQ 
thing, what are all the ICQ numbers I will need?  Or are we doing 
the "dreaded Java Chat" this week?

> > NTS is not the same thing as the cloudiness here.  NTS refers 
> > specifically to Ammonia/nitite buildup in the first few weeks after
> > stocking an aquarium.  The bacterial bloom mentioned IS common in new
> > tanks (especially if your tap water is chlorinated), but is not the same
> > thing as NTS.  The bloom will not recurr, plants or no.
> > 
> > 
> > Prost,
> Thanks for clearing that up (no pun intended). Now for another question.
> Does anybody have any techniques for cooling their tanks during warm
> weather? Since mine has an ecplise filter, that rules out removing the
> hood and directing a fan across the surface.
> Tony Gustafson
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