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NFC: Re: Cloudy Water

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> If it is a new tank then it may be bacteria. If it is dont worry it wont
> harm nothing and if you have any tanks already setup take some gravel out of
> one of those and put it in the new tank to kind of help those good bacteria
> along.later

Correct. A few daphnia in there will probably clear it fairly quickly.
*Don't* add native cool-water fish when the temp is high and the water is
still cloudy. They will not find enough oxygen, usually. A wall of bubbles
from a "bubble wand" or several airstones can cool and help oxygen levels.

Without a substantial amount of plants, you will continue to suffer from
"new-tank syndrome." I like a sponge filter, from an established tank, to
get a good population of nitrogen-converting bacteria going. Something needs
to be done to trap ammonia and nitrites (both poisonous) and convert them to
less-harmful nitrates. Plants are best. An old filter is second best (and a
long way behind), IMHO.


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