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NFC: Cloudy Water

Well, I set up a 37 gal. aquarium earlier this week, in hopes of bringing
home a few natives for it from a collecting trip in Indiana that was planned
for this Saturday. The trip has been cancelled due to a heat wave that's
hitting the Midwest. 

Anyway, my tank has new gravel (thoroughly rinsed), some slate, a few new
plastic plants, and one big piece of driftwood (the kind that comes with
that pitiful piece of slate screwed to the bottom). Everything was rinsed
with water only, and the tank was incredibly clear when it was first filled.
The tank is filtered by one of those Eclipse
hood/filter hooyahs, and still has no inhabitants. It is out of direct

Now, thanks to to the heat wave, the water temp is up to 90 degrees F
(slightly cooler than the air inside my apartment). The water is starting to
cloud up as well. At this point it is difficult to tell if the murkiness is
greyish or greenish/brown (that could just be light reflecting off the

Is it possible for an algae bloom to begin so early? Could the higher temp
be causing this change? It just seems odd to me that a tank would cloud up
so soon.

Tony Gustafson

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