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Re: NFC: Simply Natives Website

robert a rice wrote:

> If anyone with some HTML experience wants to take a crack at sprucing up
> a small website contact me privatly....I started a website to showcase
> the erp cichlids and some common native look it over
> http://homepages.msn.com/PetsPl/cichlidseller/simplynatives.html

I like.  But a couple of nits that will help it tremendously:

1) Lose the background.  It is inconsistent with the content of the
site.  If you use a background, turn the brightness up on it so it
doesn't stand out so strongly.  Makes the text harder to read when it is
as dark as it is.

2) An editor is needed. :)  Unfortunately when a web site makes use of
less than perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation it reduces the
credibility of the author in the eyes of the reader.  Starting a
sentence off with a question mark is one example I see on the page.  Or
ending a statement with a period followed by a question mark.  Little
nits like that detract from an otherwise very good page.

3) What exactly is Simply Natives?  Is it a corporation?  A non-profit
organization?  Affiliated with NFC or other group?  This should be
stated clearly somewhere on the page.  Possibly embedded within a
mission statement.

Not hammering it, Robert.  Just trying to pass on some constructive
criticism so it can look as professional as it deserves.


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work." --Edison 
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