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NFC: Search for Floridas Blackbanded sunfish

Spent 10 hours saturday in various Swamps, ditches, and ponds in Oceola
natianal forest near lake city florida looking for the BB sunfish with
Sen. John Laurent , His two boys John and George and John Stauffer. It
was a pleasant way to spend a summers day in central Florida. We found
springs so tannic they looked like coffee . PH's around 6.3 and
conductivity less than 32. We found ditches full of fishes, ponds almost
empy of fish and with the help of a global positioning sattelite we went
on jeep trail not meant for human travel only to find a locked gate at
the end.

Well bottom line we found several excellent sites and collected a LOT of
neat fish . BB sunfish were not among them . We did however fish
Leptolucania ommatta much to my surprise in good numbers at several
sites. We also found e. okkeefenokee, bluespot sunnies, f chrysotus,f
linnelatus h formosa , Warmouth and some places that looked like they
were pulled out of a tarzan movie. Clear , dark , lush incredible
interested Parties are welcome to join us on our next adventure  !

Robert Rice
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