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Re: NFC: chat tonite

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:

> You'll NEVER get me to use ICQ, Bwah haha!!

Heh your loss, Martin.  We've had some better chats in ICQ I think than
the sunday night chats (and more people, too).  We have also been able
to very quickly exchange photographs of fish, collection sites, etc.
through the use of ICQ while in mid-chat.

While ICQ isn't the end point of the journey, I think it is leading us
to a totally new form of communication.  Unlike the phone you don't just
get a ring or a busy signal, but a more detailed answer that can be
configured by the user from anything as simple as "Go away" to "I am out
collecting fish and expect to be back later tonight."  You can
selectively make yourself invisible to some people, or make yourself
invisible to everybody but only visible to a select few.  And IMO much
better than the telephone for people who don't like getting stuck in
long conversations, since you can opt to just have each "conversation"
consist of a simple short message rather than a full duplex dialogue.


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work." --Edison 
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