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NFC: Exotic Removal- Belonesox belizanus

		NFC's Exotic Removal Program will be recieving it's permits 
to begin removal operations in the National Preserves of Biscayne, 
Everglades, and Big Cypress National Parks in South Florida.  The primary 
target of this effort is the Pike Topminnow Livebearer- Belonesox belizanus.
		We will be coordinating this project with the park service to 
set up a scientific
study to determine population movement and effectiveness of the removal 
proccess on the exotic in question and it's relative effect on the native 
populations. The park service will use the information we gather to create a 
longterm management program to reduce and manage the exotic fish populations 
and revive the bio-diversity in the areas affected.
		The study will use three seperate sites:  
 1 the first site will be a control; fish, both native and exotic collected ( 
exotics finclipped for future identification ), IDed, documented and released 
on a weekly or bi-weekly scheduale;   
 2 the second will be a non-barrier removal site where the Belonesox will be 
removed in weekly or bi-weekly visits and populations both native and exotic 
monitored and recorded, exotics permanately removed;       			
			        3 the third will be a barriered site using 
nets; the nets will remain in place throughout the course of the study,  
exotics removed permanately and native populations monitored weekly or 
bi-weekly to determine how quickly diversity recovers.
		The results from each visit will be posted on the website in 
the exotic removal page immediately following each inspection for those 
interested in monitoring the progress.
We will also post availability of these fish for sale as we begin removing 

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program
Administrator, NFC