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NFC: Pink Lemonade Killies/breeders club

Hello all,

Several dozen of you have requested pink lemonade killies (f. Cingulatus)
after reading my posting on alt. aquaria, and the killie list. I
unfourtunatly do not have enough killies tyo meet the demand right now
HOWEVER the NFC breeders club has young adults they are looking to sell
in the next few weeks. If you dont know the breders club is run by
aquarist whos passion is fish breeding. They are supplied for free
unusual species as brood stock via the many NFC collecting permits and
collecting nuts like me. In exchange they give the NFC 1/2 of their first
generation or 50 fish wichever is smaller and the rest they are free to
sell , trade whatever. The NFC then uses those stocks of fish to supply
public aquariums ,adopt a tank programs or to sell at auctions once in

Oh yeah one other thing you must document your results and make them
avaliable to the nFC to post on our website. You see the main purpose of
the breeders club is to document life histories of fish that may nev er
have been documented. If this program sounds interesting to you and you
like to get involved email me at robertrice at juno_com. If youd like to
learn more about the breeders club go to the NFC website at
www.nativefish.org and look at the breeders club page. If youd just like
to buy some Pink lemonades when they are auctioned off stay tuned I'll
post all the info on the killie trader and NFC list along with alt.

Ohhh bTW we are working on a new strain of Melanistic Chysotus that is
just stunning....Details to follow in an upcoming FAMA article.

Thanks for your time,

Robert Rice
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