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Re: NFC: Feeding seahorses

Chris Hedemark wrote:
> This message was sent to the mailing list by a non-subscriber.  
> We understand that our seahorses would like mysis shrimp but where do we get
> it? We live on the gulf coast of Fl. Can you purchase mysis or do you have to
> collect it yourself ? Where could we find some?
>               ebbjcb at aol_com

Despite the bogus e-mail, I'm not sure folks here know about the nearly
magical mysis.

Collected from deep, cold lakes (usually Canada), they dive to several
hundred feet down, returning to the surface to feed at night (I think). The
journey requires them to store large amounts of fatty acids, so they are one
of the richest fish foods known. The ones I have seen are far too big for
sea horses, tho.

Frozen mysis have been available from www.brineshrimpdirect.com, and they
may have more info on their site.

They tend to come apart in the water, like frozen BS used to before SFBB
discovered cryofreezing. IDK if that is because the Canadian source doesn't
have CO2 cryo systems or if it is inherent to the variety of shrimp.

It is almost scary how most of my fish attack mysis shrimp. Apparently they
*really* taste good.


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