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Re: NFC: Firebelly Newts

Wright Huntley wrote:

> Jeremy, a simple query to http://www.northernlight.com/ gave me 89 hits.
> That's one of the better search engines, so I suggest it as a good first
> place to look.

Another good alternative is http://www.google.com.   Unfortunately their
index is rather old so you may miss recently published material.  The
thing I like about google over other search engines is that it ranks
results based on popularity (the more sites that link to a given site,
the higher the ranking) instead of keyword count like other search
engines.  In other words, the top results on google are the sites that
people thought were important enough to link to.

> Of course, I'm a bit of a blabbermouth. I tried "Wright Huntley" just for
> kicks, and got over 3000 hits! Shows you not everything a search engine
> turns up is necessarily useful. :-)

When I searched on "creek chub" to learn more about the fish I am
finding in the local streams, I came up with a zillion hits on fishing
lures available under the brand name of "Creek Chub".  Doh!


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