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NFC: Re: How to get native Fish /Killies


    Do you know where I can get some blackbanded sunfish that were collected
in Florida and/or the South?

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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 8:50 PM
Subject: NFC: How to get native Fish /Killies

>Simply Natives
>Supplying NA Natives for the home and Public Aquarium.
>email us at Phylesis at aol_com
>Thanks for Inquiring about our Native Fishes. Please keep in mind that
>breeding and collecting of NA Natives is a specialty market. As such
>supply varies seasonally. We are a small group of collectors and
>breeders, so if your first choice is not available we will contact you to
>discuss alternate choices.We are fully licensed and typically ship fish
>on Mondays using Priority mail. If you have a specific non listed species
>you are looking for drop us a note. Our collectors often collect the
>unusual in small quantities thus they do not make it to our list. We
>accept checks and Money orders only at this point but will soon take
>credit cards. Shipping and box charge is 15$ with a 15 fish minimum on
>retail orders. We do not guarantee live delivery but strive to provide
>quality fish at a good price. A typical order will include a 10% overage
>to allow for  any casualties. We rarely lose any fish.  And do not cash
>your check until your order is shipped To place an order contact us at
>the above email addres sfor specifics.
>If you'd like to see photos of some of these unique fishes check out the
>Native Fish conservancy website at www.nativefish.org and look at their
>gallery. We are also working on fixing melanistic killies and unusual
>color strains of fish ask us for details about your particular fish of
>interest. Bottom line is if you are looking for something in particular
>ask and be patient!
>IA= Immediately available SA=Sporatically Available
>Fundulus Escambia SA No common Name
>Fundulus Cingulatus 5.99 ea, Pink Lemonade Killie SA
>Enneacanthus Obesus $5.00 Ea Blackbanded Sunfish SA
>Leptolucania Ommatta 3.00 ea. Lemon Killie SA
>Etheostoma Spectabile  3.00  ea Orangethroat darter  SA
>P. Signipinnus 3.00 ea Flagfin shiner  IA
>P. Hysolopterus 3.00 ea Sailfin Shiner  IA
>Enneacanthus gloriosus IA 5.00 ea Bluespotted Sunfish
>Elassoma evergladei SA 5.00 ea Everglades Pygmy Sunfish
>Etheostoma fusiforme IA 3.00 ea Swamp Darter
>Heterandria formosa IA 3.00 ea Least Killifish
>Jordenella floridae SA 3.00 ea Flagfish
>Lucania goodei IA 3.00 ea Bluefin Killifish
>Fundulus chrysotus IA 3.00 ea Golden Topminnow
>Fundulus confluentus SA 4.00 ea. Marsh Killifish
>Noturus gyrinus SA 4.50 ea.Tadpole Madtom
>Glass Shrimp IM 3.00 dozen
>Dwarf Crayfish IM 2.50 ea.
>Plants IM 2.00 bunch
>50.00 box of approx. 125 mixed
>10 Fish minimum order, 15.00 per box shipping and handling
>Robert Rice
>Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the Native Fish Conservancy
> at our website  www.nativefish.org