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NFC: quiz questions for web site

Howdy folks,

I found a handy little quiz program that can run on the web site easily.

I thought it might be neat to add a Native Fish Trivia game to the web
site.  We would basically need a queue of questions with multiple choice
answers.  The program would randomly pick from the queue and display a
number of questions to the player.  Through the use of "cookies" a
player won't get the same question twice if we have a large enough queue
of questions to pull from.

It is a no brainer for me to get this set up, package for Tim, and have
him simply copy the necessary files to the web site.  The only thing we
need to make this happen is questions & answers (be sure to mark off the
correct answer of course).

Anyone game to help put this together?  Just need questions & answers.


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