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NFC: How to get native Fish /Killies

Simply Natives
Supplying NA Natives for the home and Public Aquarium.

email us at Phylesis at aol_com

Thanks for Inquiring about our Native Fishes. Please keep in mind that
breeding and collecting of NA Natives is a specialty market. As such
supply varies seasonally. We are a small group of collectors and
breeders, so if your first choice is not available we will contact you to
discuss alternate choices.We are fully licensed and typically ship fish
on Mondays using Priority mail. If you have a specific non listed species
you are looking for drop us a note. Our collectors often collect the
unusual in small quantities thus they do not make it to our list. We
accept checks and Money orders only at this point but will soon take
credit cards. Shipping and box charge is 15$ with a 15 fish minimum on
retail orders. We do not guarantee live delivery but strive to provide
quality fish at a good price. A typical order will include a 10% overage
to allow for  any casualties. We rarely lose any fish.  And do not cash
your check until your order is shipped To place an order contact us at
the above email addres sfor specifics.

If you'd like to see photos of some of these unique fishes check out the
Native Fish conservancy website at www.nativefish.org and look at their
gallery. We are also working on fixing melanistic killies and unusual
color strains of fish ask us for details about your particular fish of
interest. Bottom line is if you are looking for something in particular
ask and be patient!
IA= Immediately available SA=Sporatically Available
Fundulus Escambia SA No common Name
Fundulus Cingulatus 5.99 ea, Pink Lemonade Killie SA
Enneacanthus Obesus $5.00 Ea Blackbanded Sunfish SA
Leptolucania Ommatta 3.00 ea. Lemon Killie SA
Etheostoma Spectabile  3.00  ea Orangethroat darter  SA
P. Signipinnus 3.00 ea Flagfin shiner  IA
P. Hysolopterus 3.00 ea Sailfin Shiner  IA
Enneacanthus gloriosus IA 5.00 ea Bluespotted Sunfish
Elassoma evergladei SA 5.00 ea Everglades Pygmy Sunfish
Etheostoma fusiforme IA 3.00 ea Swamp Darter
Heterandria formosa IA 3.00 ea Least Killifish
Jordenella floridae SA 3.00 ea Flagfish
Lucania goodei IA 3.00 ea Bluefin Killifish
Fundulus chrysotus IA 3.00 ea Golden Topminnow
Fundulus confluentus SA 4.00 ea. Marsh Killifish
Noturus gyrinus SA 4.50 ea.Tadpole Madtom

Glass Shrimp IM 3.00 dozen
Dwarf Crayfish IM 2.50 ea.

Plants IM 2.00 bunch
50.00 box of approx. 125 mixed
10 Fish minimum order, 15.00 per box shipping and handling

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the Native Fish Conservancy
 at our website  www.nativefish.org